“You have to bloody love it”: The Word Factory

by rebeccaswirsky

This generous post was so well-written, and so much of it made sense (especially the brilliant bit about the magic of glashtins and trolls and bugganes and faeries) that it would be a crime not belatedly re-blog. Thank you, Zahraruth, for your kind mention, and for your own well-written words. Hope to see you at a Word Factory Salon soon.

Bookworms and Coffee Monsters

Yesterday evening I attended my first Word Factory Short Story Salon event. I almost didn’t go – the usual warm house v. wailing wind and rain v. spending two hours in a room full of strangers – but I’m glad I did. If you like reading stories, listening to storytellers, or writing stories, this is really an evening for you. Wine, enthusiasm and books abound.

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