by rebeccaswirsky

Great blog Bernie, thank you for mentioning. Looking forward to seeing you at another Word Factory Salon soon?

Bernie Deehan

Kings Creek Station, Northern Territory, Australia

When was the last time you sat around a campfire? That sense of being warmed along with other people, all eyes on the flames, all ears on the conversation, the tales well told, maybe some songs bashed out on a guitar and hollered by a whole circle of people.

That kind of communal connection with others is often difficult to find in our modern lives. That’s my experience anyway. Especially when the concept of community is being eroded by factors such as council cutbacks and the growth of identikit Tescotowns, where local libraries and community centres are flattened to make way for ‘contemporary lifestyle apartments’.

But lo! There’s some good news, and I’ve found it through writing stories and discovering other people who write stories too, and finding that I can get together with them and… grasp that sense of community again.

One example is the Word Factory, which holds…

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