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David Vann Podcast



Here I speak with David Vann at Waterstones Piccadilly about getting to the bones of language, reconstructing Egyptian sailing ships, demi-gods, the surprises he encountered when writing his previous novel Aquarium, and the influence of the Greeks in his literature.

Award-winning novelist David Vann read at the Word Factory Salon from his latest novel Bright Air Black, published by Penguin. Told with luminous poetic prose, Bright Air Black is a re-telling of the Medea myth from the author who describes himself as a neo-classical writer. The novel sympathetically presents both Medea’s humanity and brutality, testifying to David’s interest in Medea as a terrifying threat left over from ‘the old world’.

Lionel Shriver Podcast



Here I speak with Lionel Shriver at Waterstones Piccadilly about the American election, the politics of gender, her writing process, her interest in demographics, writerly self-appropriation, friendships and taking road trips.

Award-winning short story writer and novelist Lionel Shriver came to read at the Word Factory Salon to discuss her latest novel The Mandibles: A Family, 2029–2047. Set in the US following the collapse of the dollar, The Mandibles is Lionel’s thirteenth novel, published by Harper Collins. A dystopian family drama set in the context of a financial meltdown, The Mandibles acutely questions altruism, the fiction of finance and America’s position as a global superpower. Many of Lionel’s previous novels, including her infamous Orange-award winning novel We Need to Talk About Kevin, mine her ‘what if’ thoughts about life.